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As a condition of the Consent Decree, the NOPD agreed to “develop comprehensive and agency-wide policies and procedures that ensure consistency with, and full implementation of [the Consent Decree]”. The Consent Decree further requires the NOPD to obtain prior approval from the DOJ and the Monitor of policies related to the following subjects:  Use, Reporting, and Review of Force; Crisis Intervention Team; Stop, Searches and Arrests; Custodial Interrogations; Biased Policing; Community Engagement; Academy and In-Service Training; Supervision; and Misconduct Investigations.  Other policies that are related to the Consent Decree do not require prior approval, but the DOJ and the Monitor have 30 days from receipt to notify the NOPD of any concerns regarding the implemented policy’s compliance with the Consent Decree or law.  Drafting Consent Decree compliance policies has, in many instances, proven to be a time-consuming and challenging process.  The DOJ and the NOPD, working with the Monitoring Team’s subject-matter experts, have worked diligently and collaboratively through the challenges to develop policies that satisfy the Consent Decree’s requirements and also reflect best practices for comparable police departments.  Upon receiving approval of a policy, NOPD prepares training material and training opportunities prior to implementation.  Policies are then implemented through the issuance of a General Order.  We post policies upon issuance of the General Order.  The text of approved policies can be accessed by clicking on the policy below. The following policies have been approved and implemented:

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